Artist Statement


Paint that swirls, bleeds, melds and breathes. Paint that humbles, dances in and out like an imp, and forever plays symbiotic host to color.


Its personality is immense. Conveying imagery sometimes calm, sometimes chaotic, it awakens our awareness to the simple joy of seeing, contemplating, connecting. It has no time for fear or judgement, though it does pick teams. 


Its more subtle nature calms, while its bold, ‘life of the party’ facet is silently loud. Spectrums spun through the caleidescope of the mind and open through the artist's hand lay claim to physical space.

It requires being present, letting go of preconceived ideas & plans and allowing oneself to see, feel & respond to cues that lay themselves out before you. If your practice involves underpainting and multiple layers of paint as mine does, it can feel as though you’re working ‘backwards’; delaying, pushing back—constantly reevaluating what the materials request. It has lifted fog, given me challenges that require ever-changing solutions, and shown me the importance of relinquishing control. Paint arrives on its own terms and simply asks that we steer gently, consciously, and remain in the moment.


My penchant for bold color is probably a throw back to growing up in New England where long bouts of grey leave you in a state of near-hibernation, waiting for signs of spring and the ‘smelling salts’ of daffodils.


I hope my work awakens similar emotions in the viewer—a joy found in revival, a sense that hope looms perennial, and that our youthful wonder can still bloom with tending.


The Paint is the thing.




Janet Bothne


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